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FLTM BI 107涂层附着力热冲击试验机

FLTM BI 107涂层附着力热冲击试验机

 品牌:美国Electro-Magic  型号:8M1100  加工定制:否  
 类型:耐热冲击试验机  外形尺寸:500x600x700 mm 重量:500 kg 
 适用范围:汽车涂层附着力热冲击  装箱数:1   
产品特性:涂层附着力热冲击试验机,涂层附着力热冲击试验机,涂层附着力热冲击试验机,FLTM BI 107
产品简介:品牌:美国Electro-Magic ;型号:8M1100 ;加工定制:否 ;类型:耐热冲击试验机 ;外形尺寸:500x600x700 mm;重量:500 kg;适用范围:汽车涂层附着力热冲击 ;装箱数:1
1. 喷量 : 9 l/min 
2. 泵头压力 : 1.5MPa 
3. 温升(Δ t) : 125 ℃ 
4. 热输入 : 88,905 kcal/h 
5. *小进水压力 : 0.3MPa 
6. 油箱容积 : 45 L 
7. 高压泵电机 : 1.5kw ,220V,50Hz,2850 rpm 
8. 燃油泵电机 : 0.15 kw ,220V,50Hz,2850 rpm 
9. 燃油型号 : 柴油、煤油 
10. 燃油消耗 : 9.5 L/h 
11. 高压胶管 : 3/8”×27″ 
12. 重量 : 180 kg 
13. 尺寸 : 长×宽×高 = 864×711×1067(mm) 
14. 水泵润滑油 : SAE20;SAE30 





This procedure is used to determine the resistance to coating adhesion loss of coated surfaces of aluminum,plastic, steel, and other substrates when subjected to a wet blast similar to that produced by vehicle wash equipment.



                           Apparatus and Materials Required
Film Thickness Gauge
      per Ford Laboratory Test Method BI 117-01
Carbide Tip Scribe
      CTS (General Scribe #CM 88) - or equivalent
     12015 Telegraph Rd.
     Detroit, Michigan U.S.A.
     (313) 531-7668
Utility Knife
      Stanley, Quick Point 10-300 - or equivalent
     (break away tips)
Water Immersion Tank
     Per Ford Laboratory Test Method BI 104-01
    Note:  Thermal shock testing requires:
        a.  38 +/- 2 °C water temperature
        b.  5 ppm maximum dissolved solids
       Fisher Scientific 13-874-70J - or equivalent
Dissolved Solids Meter
      Myron L Company - or equivalent
      833 East Broadway
      San Gabriel, California
      Capable of minus 29 +/- 2 °C temperature 

Steam Generator
   a.  Input flow of water to be 2.7 +/- .1 L/min (*).
   b.  Nozzle diameter to be 12.5 +/- .3 mm ID and at least 100 mm long.
   c.  Discharge dynamic head to be 37.9 +/- 1.9 kPa measured 25 mm from the nozzle  using 
       a   4.7 mm ID tube. A substantially non-diverging discharge is required for this test (**) 
     (see Figures 1 and 2).
Note:  Electro-Magic Model 100 (and the earlier Model 60) Steam Generator available only 
      from:Atomic Cleaning Systems, 31651 West Eight Mile Road, Livonia, MI 48150, Phone: 
       (248) 615-4400, has been found to be satisfactory. The Model 100 or Model 60 are no 
       longermanufactured directly by Electro-Magic. However, Atomic Cleaning Systems is
       capable ofmodifying new Electro-Magic models to meet the Model 100 specifications
       required for this test.Milwaukee 1/2 inch globe valve No. 1151-1161, 150 SWP 300 WOg
      is adequate for use in  standardization of generator.
Model 100 Steam Generator
    The pumping pressure is directly related to the input flow rate. The pressure needed for
        therequired flow can be determined by measuring the pump pressure and discharge
        flow rate withthe burner off. When the burner is turned on, the required flow rate is
        obtained by readjusting to the required pump pressure.
    This is done by placing the tube midstream 25 mm from the nozzle. The tube size must  
         not bevaried because the densities and velocities are not uniform throughout the cross
        section of thedischarge stream.
  Adjusting the discharge dynamic head may be required. This must be done in such a
      way thatthe input flow rate as specified in Para (a) above is maintained. This is done by
     adjusting the amount of heat transferred to the water. Increasing the heat will cause the
     flow rate (pressure) of (a) to change. It must be readjusted. This operation will result in an
      increased dynamic pressure; to decrease it, decrease the heat and then adjust the flow

       Capable of measuring 100 +/- 2 °C
Face Mask
      Full face cover safety mask is required when performing this test.
     Gauntlet-type gloves for protection of hands are required.

                                    Conditioning and Test Conditions
  All test values indicated herein are based on material conditioned in a controlled atmosphere of 23 +/- 2 ??C and 50 +/- 5 % relative humidity for not less than 24 h prior to testing and tested under the same conditions unless otherwise specified.

1.  Standardize the Model 60 or Model 100 Steam Generator.
    a.  Measure and maintain the input flow at 2.7 L/min. Install a 12.5 mm globe valve in the
        steam line between coil weld assembly and a 5/32 inch hose nipple. With burner off,
         engage pump and adjust globe valve until 2.7 L/min is obtained.
        Record the tank pressure that is obtained with the 2.7 L/min flow rate. (This induced
         back pressure simulates the pressure that steam exerts on the system while the burner
         is on.)
   b.  Measure and maintain the mean dynamic head at 37.9 kPa (5.5 psi) using the fixtures as
       described in Figures 1 and 2. Open globe valve and turn on the burner. Allow tank
       pressure   tostabilize before reading the mean dynamic head. Adjustments of the
       dynamic head are to be  made by changing the amount of heat transferred to the water
       at the burner. (The flow  rate, as  specified above, must be maintained.)
    c.  Measure and maintain a 98 +/- 2 °C temperature of the steam blast at the test

2.    Measure film thickness per Ford Laboratory Test Method BI 117-01 at proposed test sites
     and record.
3.  Immerse the parts or panels (previously prepared per Engineering Materials Specification)
     in the water immersion tank for four hours at 38 +/- 2 °C. Aerate the water by placing 6.5
     mm ID plastic tube at the bottom of the tank and bubble air at a rate of one bubble per
     second minimum. Maintain a 5 ppm maximum dissolved solids (as NaCl) in the water.
     Check and record NaCl level using a dissolved solids meter.
4.  Remove the samples after four hours of water immersion and cut an "X" through the
      coating into the substrate across the panel or part where feasible (see Figure 3).
      a.  Use a scribe to make the cut if the substrate is metal or hard, rigid plastic.
      b.  Use a utility knife to make the cut if substrate is an elastomeric material.
5.  Place the test samples in a freezer at minus 29 +/- 2 °C for a three hour minimum freeze
6.  Within 30 seconds from freezer removal, direct the steam blast at the center of the "X" cut,
    at a distance  of 2 to 3 inches and 45° to the sample, in the direction shown in Figure 3.

 Note:  High pressure wet steam represents a potential safety hazard. Not only is it necessary|
            to secure the samples properly, but full face protection and gloves are required.
7.  After 30 seconds, record area (mm2) of coating removal by visually measuring with a
      metric ruler  (typical triangular coating removal: Area = 1/2 Base x Height). Also examine
      the surface and report  any blushing, whitening, or loss of gloss.
8. If a failure occurs, note number of seconds after steam black initiated that the failure 

Chemicals, materials, parts, and equipment referenced in this document must be used and handled properly.
Each party is responsible for determining proper use and handling in its facilities.
                                                     ATTACHMENT ONE
                                                      RATING SCALE FOR
                                             THERMAL SHOCK TEST PANELS

                                                    RATING               PEEL BACK
                                                            20      =       No removal
                                                            19      =       < 0.5 cm^2
                                                            18      =       < 1.0 cm^2
                                                            17      =       < 1.5 cm^2
                                                            16      =       < 2.0 cm^2
                                                            15      =       < 2.5 cm^2
                                                            14      =       < 3.0 cm^2
                                                            13      =        < 3.5 cm^2
                                                            12      =        < 4.0 cm^2
                                                            11      =        < 4.5 cm^2
                                                            10      =        < 5.0 cm^2
                                                             9       =         < 5.5 cm^2
                                                             8       =         < 6.0 cm^2
                                                             7       =         < 6.5 cm^2
                                                             6       =         < 7.0 cm^2
                                                             5       =         < 7.5 cm^2
                                                             4       =         < 8.0 cm^2
                                                             3       =         < 8.5 cm^2
                                                             2       =         < 9.0 cm^2
                                                             1       =         < 9.5 cm^2
                                                             0       =          > 9.5 cm^2



                                                        Figure 1


                                                         Figure 2


                                                                 Figure 3


                                                    Figure 4

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